So I went out and took a look at the hot topic Homestuck shirt that people keep complaining about because John’s been whitewashed.

John’s skin is a bit lighter, but the print quality in general is really poor. A lot of the colors look washed out and the picture is grainy. It’s not just John’s skin; Terezi’s symbol, for example, looks almost GREY.

I know that typically the colors aren’t as vibrant when they’re printed on a shirt but it’s kind of obvious that they skimped since they had to mass produce the shirts in a short amount of time; I personally think the whitewashing wasn’t intentional and it’s more likely that they tried to skimp on production.

Also don’t point fingers at what pumpkin, one of the reps is already asking questions about the shirt on reddit and is requesting that people send or link to stuff comparing the original design vs the shirt. If you want to show stuff you can probably email them or go to the reddit thread on r/homestuck, it’s the one where they mention that the shirts are now at HT in the title; look for where rachelpumpkin says stuff and reply there.

I might post more about this when I get home but the general idea is that the image is kind of low quality and the colors look very washed out. To say that the character was whitewashed on purpose doesn’t work since the evidence, at this point in time, is inconclusive at best; it’s hard to tell if it’s a result of the printer since the rest of the shirt design is grainy or if a mix of things were done with the colors.

Anyway I might post more about this when I get home but yeah that’s the basic rundown from my viewpoint.

All right, I just arrived home. Unfortunately, my pictures aren’t the best quality, but I’m going to do my best to discuss things. This is going to be extremely long, so I put the post under a read more.

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